January 07, 2020

Tutors in Manila, Philippines


Find Private & Affordable Tutoring in the Manila, Philippines Area

Foresee English School private In-home tutoring is offered in Makati, Pasay, BGC, Manila or via Skype. Your tutor will deliver lessons based on your individual goals. You will discuss these with your tutor who will create your custom-made program. Your schedule may include evenings and weekends if you arrange this in advance. 

Attention to detail from all our tutors – an outstanding and memorable experience. Otherwise, they will attentively focus on your communication goals.

Foresee English school has been serving students such as Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thia, Arab and European in the Manila area since 2015.

Foresee English was established to provide an affordable way for parents and students to find quality tutors. Our main objective is to meet the individualized needs of the student.   

In 2017, we have expanded our services to reach out to those who are willing to be successful academically.  We are now offering HIGH QUALITY in-home academic tutorial services in Manila, BGC, Pasay, Taguig, and Makati City.

We are also proud to announce that we are offering to homeschool (with or without tutoring services).  

Who are we ?

Why Choose Us

1. Qualified and experienced tutors in Foresee English School

QUALIFIED TUTORS come to your home to conduct academic tutorials (kinder, grade school, and junior high school students)

Our tutors are carefully selected for their experience, their enthusiasm, and their specialized knowledge. Our tutors have been teaching home-tutoring for many years and have significant teaching and related professional experience. All of our tutors are qualified to teach English as a second language and many have advanced qualifications in teaching or language-related fields. 

2. Tracking your progress

We believe it is very important to be able to track your progress during your course. If you are studying for a long period of time, regular tracking helps us to make sure that you are making progress at the right speed in order to hit your goal. Our long-stay student consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to check your development and discuss the rest of your course. If you are studying for a short period, tracking your progress allows you to demonstrate the value of your course.

3. Tailor-Made English Training

ONE ON ONE tutorials,and we have FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING.  (All subjects are covered for preschool to grade school)

Your tutoring is a central part of your whole experience. No two clients learn the same way or have the same needs, which is why all of our classes are customized to suit your individual objectives. Our tutors understand that every client is different, and their teaching style is flexible to adapt to the student.

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If you decide you want us to work for you, we will carefully match you with the right tutor.  

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