English for Kids

English for kids course prepares children for a successful future in English. Students learn basic vocabulary, natural pronunciation, English for general conversation, daily life, school, personal & family relationships and many more. Where children will be able to express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their language skills. A foundation that makes learning and speaking English much easier for children in the future.

Who’s it for?

This program is designed to help young learners express themselves richly & naturally through overall training in improving skills on speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

The Benefits

At the end of this English course, your child will be able to:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Describe what they like
  • Respond with simple sentences
  • Ask simple questions
  • Tell their own stories, expressing own ideas
  • Participate and engage in simple conversations
  • Develop confidence in speaking

  • Develop reading skills

  • Improve listening comprehension

  • Follow simple instructions, commands and directions

  • Master pronunciation and stress patterns

  • Develop core vocabularies and expressions use in simple conversation

Equivalent to

CEFR Pre A1~A2

Course Summary

English for Kids is carefully aligned to the pre-A1~A2 level of the internationally recognized CEFR framework, and covers all the material necessary to prepare for the Cambridge exams. Vocabulary is taught through attractive illustrations, and reinforced with audio resources. Each language/grammar point is explained in a dedicated panel, accompanied by clear examples of how it’s used, and reinforced by exercises. It takes children through the basics of the language, helping them use and understand elementary English clearly and confidently. Providing with the support they need as they take the first steps towards learning English as a foreign language.

Course Content 

  • It is kid-friendly and simple to use, allowing them to work on their own (e.g. homework)

  • Provides exciting, high-quality learning material created by experts to help your kid develop their English reading, writing, and listening abilities

  • Allows students to enhance their grammar and vocabulary while deepening their knowledge of English

  • Motivates your kid with exercises and activities, such as quizzes and games based on real-world themes and engaging characters

  • Incorporates self-evaluation component, so your child may be pleased of their accomplishments while also considering how they might improve

  • includes a personalized student profile for you and your child to see their progress and where they are in their learning path.

Develop their skills for a global world

Practical skills and interactive activities are the emphasis of our training. Each lesson is enhanced with activities and high-quality resources focused on real-world issues that kids are interested about. Your child’s creativity, leadership, and teamwork skills will develop, opening up a world of possibilities.


“My son has been studying in Foresee English for more than a year now. I can say that his improvements are very evident. He became more confident in speaking in English. He even talks in English at home! Teacher Rochy has been a very good teacher to him. I am very thankful and happy to chose this school for my son. “

Michelle, Taiwan