ESL courses

ESL courses stand for English as a Second Language.

These courses aim to improve English language skills in order for students who are non-native speakers of English can live and learn without difficulty in an English-speaking environment.

ESL Courses in Foresee English.

General English Course

General English Course is designed for motivated students who would like to gain confidence and develop their ability to use English in a variety of situations. The courses form basic English to advanced levels. Typically, course participants need to improve their English for a variety of reasons including work, studies, travel and to live in an English-speaking country. This English course will help you to make rapid progress in your English language skills.

Intensive Grammar Course

Intensive Grammar Course is the ideal guide for understanding and applying English grammar rules. Concise explanations with helpful examples and activities are provided to help students from all levels boost their knowledge and skills in grammar rules.

Idioms and Expression Course

Idioms and Expression Course are the keys to understanding common idioms and expressions used by native speakers. This course provides 1000+ idioms/ expressions in context with clear and simple definitions as well as attractive illustrations to ensure understanding.

Vocabulary building Course

English Vocabulary is a unique combination of illustrated reference and practical workbook through which the student can write his own translations, work on hundreds of practice exercises, and listen to the free online audio to improve his language skills.

Ignite your English skills by the best ESL Courses.

ESL Courses follow Cambridge English Scale

Foresee English School ESL Courses offer students to learn English from beginner to advanced levels through the Cambridge curriculum. Students will improve their English skills through balanced training in four modules (Listening / Reading / Writing / Speaking), and they will be able to obtain a valid English language certificate through the ESL by Cambridge course.  


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