Group Training

Broaden your horizons alongside other learners.

Learning a language is a social activity. In our group classes, we seek to accomplish two things at once: learning with like-minded people and putting knowledge to practical use.

Score the Best Deal

Lower price, same quality learning experience.

If you find yourself interested in multiple subject areas, you may book as many classes as our schedule for the day permits.

Practice Self-Expression

Express yourself just like a native speaker.

Sometimes learning a language is better enjoyed in the company of others, as you are trained to express your ideas as well as to understand others when expressing their own.

Improve Sociability

Hone your interpersonal skills.

Build your social circle while enhancing your grasp of the language. Converse like a fluent speaker in no time, and establish lasting connections with your fellow learners.

Build Confidence

Unleash your inner public speaker.

Confidence is what sets a remarkable speaker apart from the rest. Let your voice be heard with the right tools and attitude.


Learn more, faster.

Guaranteed results. You’ll advance one level every eight weeks – thanks to our innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.

Interactive and Power Speaking


Vocabulary Building and Multimedia Listening


Communication and Conversation Fluency


Comprehensive ESL



11:00-13:00 Interactive and Power SpeakingInteractive and Power Speaking
13:00-15:00Vocabulary Building and Multimedia ListeningVocabulary Building and Multimedia Listening
16:00-18:00 Communication and Conversation FluencyCommunication and Conversation Fluency
18:00-20:00Comprehensive ESLComprehensive ESL

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