Online Classes and Home Service Tutorial

We have redesigned our classes to fit the unanticipated changes that COVID-19 brought in our lives. Online classes and Home Service Tutorial has become the school’s core services. Our classes are now hassle free and reduces the risk and danger for both teachers and students.

Your classes have become even more customized than before and now available in the comfort of your desired space.

Who’s it for?

Private In-home Tutoring and Online class are good options if you feel that learning English in school is not suitable for you, you have limited time available or you have a specific need which requires individual attention. The training content is entirely flexible to suit you and your English language needs.

The Benefits

At the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Have greatly improved your performance in specific areas
  • Be able to understand your own language problems and identify future areas to focus on
  • Be able to speak with greater confidence, fluency and accuracy
  • Be able to use a much larger range of vocabulary

Course Content

This course offers totally personalized and focused training which a group course may not be able to give you. Participants choose this course for a wide variety of reasons, which can include:

  • Preparation for an important presentation
  • Increasing confidence for an English-language conference, seminar or meeting
  • Priority focus on specific areas of weakness
  • A wish to ensure total focus on personal needs

All our individual tuition programs include a detailed needs analysis which helps us to create a customized training program to make sure that we focus on your specific needs.

Optional group classes:  Students who prefer group classes are welcome to enroll in our class plans. Online groups and In-home tutoring services are also available. The ideal class group is up to 4 people. You may invite your friends or colleagues to go and study together.

Log in. Join a class. Open your learning horizons.


Be at the top of your game by being a learned individual with our personalized online classes. 



It was a really helpful training before starting a new job in an international company.


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