Idioms and Expression Course

Idioms and Expression Course are the keys to understanding common idioms and expressions used by native speakers. This course provides 1000+ idioms/ expressions in context with clear and simple definitions as well as attractive illustrations to ensure understanding.

Who’s it for?

This is for those who want to expand their vocabulary like that of a native speaker, enhancing their understanding of the same.

The Benefits

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Broaden his vocabulary
  • Recognize and comprehend common idioms and expressions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of common idioms and expressions through the practical application
  • Construct ideas and sentences using idioms and expressions in writing and speaking
  • Build confidence in expressing himself like a native speaker of English

Equivalent to

  • IELTS 0-7
  • TOEIC 0-900
  • CEFR A1~C1

Course Content – Your new Skill

Describing people and things

  1. Age
  2. Friends and family
  3. Appearance and background
  4. Personality traits
  5. Good things
  6. Bad things
  7. Animals
  8. Food


  1. Agreeing and disagreeing
  2. Behavior
  3. Emotions
  4. Positive emotions
  5. Negative emotions
  6. Memory
  7. The body
  8. War and weapon


Situations and circumstances

  1. Amount and distance
  2. Beginning and ending
  3. Chances, luck, and probability
  4. Ease and difficulty
  5. Safety and danger
  6. Difficult situations
  7. The weather and nature


  1. Talking
  2. Sharing information
  3. Truth and lies
  4. Looking and listening
  5. Music and arts

Everyday life

  1. Eating and driking
  2. Describing your health
  3. Knowledge and education
  4. Money
  5. Shopping
  6. Time
  7. Clothes


Work and achievements

  1. Working and relaxing
  2. Movement and progress
  3. Rules, law, and authority
  4. Success and failure
  5. Work and business 1
  6. Work and business 2
  7. Sports


  1. “Make” and “do”
  2. “Give” and “take”
  3. “Have” and “get”
  4. “Set” and “put”
  5. “Go” and “come”
  6. Expressions with other verbs
  7. Intensifying adverbs
  8. Similes
  9. Proverbs
  10. Easily confused words 1
  11. Easily confused words 2
  12. Colors

I am very happy with Foresee English school, I recommend it to everyone who is looking to learn English, thank you Rochy. My teacher the BEST, thank you, Camille, for your kindness. I will come back.

Solange Cristina,  France