TOEIC Review in Makati

The Test of English for International Communication, created by the ETS (the Educational Testing Service) certifies your skills in Business English at any level, from beginner to advanced.

With the TOEIC review course offered by Foresee English School, it’s easy to learn the linguistic skills required for the exam and to add an important qualification to your CV. TOEIC review course includes comprehensive techniques and practices patterned to that of the actual TOEIC test. We are the Best TOEIC Review center in Makati City.

Who’s it for?

The TOEIC review program is advisable for you if you are planning to take the test and want to strengthen your competency. It is ideal that you have an intermediate English level at least.

The Benefits

At the end of this English course, you will be able to:

  • Familiarize with the areas of TOEIC 
  • Acquire skills and strategies on how to answer the items
  • Enrich  your knowledge on different contexts that are often used on TOEIC
  • Widen your vocabulary 
  • Gain confidence to take the exam

Course Content 

  • Develop TOEIC Exam strategies that will help you to activate existing language knowledge and connect it with new information
  • Develop TOEIC Exam strategies to help you identify problems related to the structure
  • Develop TOEIC Test reading strategies such as skimming and scanning
  • Develop TOEIC Test listening strategies such as listening for keywords, making inferences, and identifying main ideas
  • Become more comfortable with assessing your own progress.
  • Develop TOEIC test-taking strategies that will:
    • help you to pace yourself while completing different tasks in TOEIC test
    • develop your decoding skills in understanding what TOEIC tests are asking
  • Develop TOEIC Exam strategies that will help you to make connections between what you have learned in class and your experiences in the English-speaking world outside the class

TOEIC Review Makati

Are you venturing into a job that requires proficient English communication skills? If so, you may need to take the TOEIC test, which is a globally standardized test that measures your abilities in English. Foresee English TOEIC Test Review will help you improve your writing, reading, listening and comprehension skills, while also giving you sample tests so that you know what to expect when it’s time to take the real thing.

In Fact, only Foresee English School offers you the simplicity and convenience of a course that starts from your level of English and develops your ability ready for the TOEIC exam.

How does the test work?

The test lasts two hours and consists of two sections – listening and reading, each of which has 100 questions.

The listening part includes matching statements to photos, choosing correct responses to questions, and comprehension exercises in relation to conversations and talks. The reading part includes sentence completion, text completion and reading comprehension. In both sections, the questions are based on realistic business situations, such as phone calls, conference calls, meetings, and business trips.

How can you practice before the exam?

In order to be prepared for the exam, it will help you considerably to follow a careful study plan and to do similar exercises to the ones you will find in the test. In the TOEIC preparation course at Foresee English School, each lesson focuses on a particular part of the test and teaches you how best to do it. As a Foresee English School student, you also have the great advantage of doing your lessons on any day and at any time that is best for you and begin at any point during the year.

What do I need to focus on?

The main difficulty of studying for any exam alone is that it’s hard to understand your own weak points and what you need to spend more time studying.

Foresee English School provides you with an experienced teacher who will give you feedback, guidance, and tips and help you address any gaps you have in your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

What is challenging about TOEIC?

One of the hardest elements of the TOEIC exam is the time. There is a strict time limit in the Reading test so you need to make sure you leave enough time for each part. In the Listening part, you will only hear each track once, so you need to get used to understanding the general gist of a conversation as quickly as possible, which is something your Foresee English trainer can help you with. It’s also recommended to study words that have similar meanings and/or pronunciation because these are commonly found in the exam, e.g. advice/advise. 


Great and very professional teacher. Everything is well organized.
My TOEIC preparation was a great experience.

– Eveline