Vocabulary building Course

English Vocabulary is a unique combination of illustrated reference and practical workbook through which the student can write his own translations, work on hundreds of practice exercises, and listen to the free online audio to improve his language skills.

Who’s it for?

This is for those who do not only aim to expand their vocabulary but also want to acquire an understanding of subtle differences in meaning between similar words, which in turn can develop their ability to think in a more nuanced way.

The Benefits

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • utilize a wide array of vocabulary;
  • express himself accordingly and thoroughly as words have connotations
  • Articulate ideas and information confidently.

Equivalent to

  • IELTS 0-7
  • TOEIC 0-900
  • CEFR A1~C1

Course Content – Your new Skill

Getting started

  1. Countries and nationalities
  2. Numbers
  3. Expressions
  4. Time expressions
  5. Daily routines
  6. Describing things: facts
  7. Describing things: opinions
  8. Sharing information
  9. Common English idioms


  1. Around the house
  2. Kitchen implements and toiletries
  3. Chores and cleaning
  4. Tools and gardening
  5. Moving and renting


  1. The body
  2. clothes
  3. Accessories and beauty products
  4. Appearance
  5. Personality traits
  6. Feelings and moods
  7. Family tree
  8. Family and relationships
  9. Baby equipment and toys
  10. Education
  11. Studying
  12. Speaking a foreign language
  13. Communication and beliefs
  14. Crime and the law

Food and Drink

  1. Meat, fish, dairy, and snacks
  2. Fruits and nuts
  3. Vegetables
  4. Bread, desserts, and condiments
  5. Drinking and eating
  6. Eating in and eating out


  1. Jobs
  2. Working conditions
  3. Industries and depertments
  4. Office equipment
  5. Money and finance
  6. Working
  7. Meeting and presentation
  8. Work and business idioms
  9. Applying for a job
  10. Workplace abilities and abilities



  1. Transportation and travel
  2. Driving a car
  3. Maps and directions
  4. Travel and accommodation
  5. Travel and tourism
  6. Camping and cycling
  7. Beach

The environment

  1. Weather and climate
  2. Geographical features
  3. Environmental concerns


  1. Weather and climate
  2. Geographical features
  3. Environmental concerns


  1. Free-time activities
  2. Abilities and actions
  3. Sports
  4. Soccer
  5. Sports equipment and venues

Arts and the media

  1. Book and reading
  2. Music
  3. Movies and plays
  4. TV
  5. Media and celebrity


  1. Sickness
  2. Medicine and treatment
  3. Healthy eating
  4. Fitness and well-being

Around town

  1. Around town
  2. Shopping
  3. At the supermarket
  4. Urban life

Science and technology

  1. Technology and gadgets
  2. Technology and the future
  3. Science

I really enjoyed my 4 weeks at Foresee English school. Everything was well organized. Rocky and Angela are the best trainers I‘ve had so far! Camille at the reception is a good soul & very helpful! Thank you all!

-Sabrina, Italia