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Various approaches

Our curriculum involves a variety of approaches to topics that you will encounter in your daily life and work.

Improve oral skill

You have the opportunity to converse with your classmates especially during discussion and games. This in return will naturally improve your conversational skills.


With countless researches, we found out that the best path to learning a new skill or language is when you are having fun. We designed a curriculum based on this concept.

Social bonds

With our students coming from different countries, you will be able to share your own culture with other people of diverse backgrounds.

Apply what you learned

We incorporate role-plays, board games and other interactive activities into our classes to test your understanding while letting you experience real-life learning situations.

Flexible booking of your classes

Our booking system offers a flexible class schedule, where you are free to choose a specific class time that fits your schedule.


Foresee English Corner


Achieve specific goals

You can work with your teacher to arrange the right course plan to help you achieve your goal.

Flexible class pace

Your English personal trainer will adjust to your individual learning pace.

Address your difficulties

The teacher will help you answer the questions you encounter at work or in daily life. 

Flexible environment

Our private tutors can teach you at a place you prefer, a place that is convenient for you.

Personal concerns addressed

The teacher provides an intensive focus on a particular difficulty. 

Flexible booking of your teacher

You are free to choose a specific time that fits your schedule.


Chosen by Makati working professionals. Students from around the world are gradually increasing

Rock Ting

Learning English became more easier! They provide various course plan that I could choose from. They combine interactive learning in the classroom, which is very useful in practical use of English communication. 


Chi Yang

With Foresee English, I have developed my English communication. Their classes are fun and interactive. I was able to learn how to express myself  easily through my thoughts and opinions. 

Frank Huang

Foresee English has helped me improve my overall English skills. Now, I can confidently coordinate with my partners and clients with different nationalities. Communicating with foreigners became more natural, and at the same time, exciting.

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